3 October 2019: Workshop on trends in the field of education and work

Within the project RAY, Erasmus + KA3, a workshop for mentors was organised. They discussed trends in the field of education and work, new methods of dissemination of knowledge, professions of the future. It was led by Dr Sabina Žnidaršič-Žagar, Career Advisor at University of Ljubljana.

1 October 2019: Entrepreneurship workshop

On October 1, 2019, a workshop for students, included in the piloting phase of the Ray model, was held in Nova Gorica. It was conducted by entrepreneur Mr Matic Batagelj.
The following topics were discussed:
1. Basic entrepreneurship:
– problem/solution
– products/services
– customers
– competition and differentiation
– costs and resources
2. Marketing and Sales:
– marketing channels
– news-worthy creation
– sales channels (B2B, B2C)
2. Business modeling and market entry:
– Business models canvas: focus on value proposition
– market entry


1 August 2019 – Teachers meeting at the SATAEDU School Centre

As the new school year is about to start, teachers at the SATAEDU School Centre had their first meeting after school holidays. The Director of the Centre Mr Matti Isokallio introduced the RAY project and the model that has been developed over last two years to the teachers and other participants.


18 July – Finland: Automation fair at Ulvila


Prizztech Ltd organised an automation fair on 18 July at Ulvila. The theme of this year’s automation fair was health and wellbeing robotics and technology. There were also some more traditional industrial robots and various companies from the robotics and automation field on display. Prizztech also presented several projects from the robotics and automation field under the common umbrella: technology suits you. One of the projects presented was the RAY project, that was presented by Mari Antikainen and Jaakko Niemelä.


13th June 2019 – Slovenia : Group of students of ERŠ and SPLŠ on educational work visit at the company MAHLE EDS d.o.o


The project RAY (Erasmus +, KA3) is slowly comming  to the end. In this school year,at School Centre Nova Gorica are successfully piloted a new model of a learning approach based on learning with work and students, what is a new inovate way to gain experience and get to know the acutal working environment.

The first group of students of the 3rd year of the Electrical and computer school (ERŠ) and Mechanical, traffic and woodworking school (SPLŠ) in March this year started working on concrete projects (electric scooter, automatic garden filler, mulchers, etc.).


The second group of 9 students from the 2nd year of Electrical and computer school (ERŠ) and Mechanical, traffic and woodworking school (SPLŠ), in cooperation with the company MAHLE EDS d.o.o., also a partner of the project RAY, organized an educational visit at the workplace named as »job shadowing«. The students had the opportunity to get to know each job, first from a theoretical point of view, as the employees of the company transferred them and showed the course of their work. After that they had the opportunity to independently perform certain activities themselves.

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19th April 2019 – Slovenia : Bor Zabric – a source of knowledge and ingenuity


During the RAY project, we received exceptional presentations from our student Bora Zabrica, who completed the 3rd year of vocational school at the Electrical and Computer School.

Bor presented some of the students involved in the RAY project, the Erasmus +, KA3 program, the teachers and the representative of MAHLE EDS d.o.o., who upgraded his “normal” bike into an electric bike. Bor showed extraordinary ingenuity and huge knowledge in finding solutions that enabled him to successfully complete his project. He completely drew a plan and made an e-engine, a battery, using the 3-D printer as well as the casing and other parts to upgrade his bike to the e-bike.

The students included in the RAY project showed quite a few ideas and solutions that will definitely help them realize their projects and also contribute to a significant reduction in costs. Of course, they will expand their skills, skills and skills that will be useful to them in the future.

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6th February, 2019 – Finland, Project partner SATAEDU from Finland hosted the international guests from Ireland and from Hungary .


During the visit of the Company UTU Oy, one of the major goals in project RAY, Good pracitces of Work-based learning (WBL) was presented to the delegation.

Our guests were participated in a discussion on the topic of successful implementation of WBL in the future and the need to implement these approaches in the process of education of young people.


February 2019 – Finland, Students from group no.2 were working on project electrical cabines in Company UTU Oy .

They produced four electical cabines.



January, 2019 – Finland

As part of the project activities – cooperation with enterprises, education of students, trainers from SETI OY (Finnland) together with students of electrical engineering, discussed and educated about the safe use and handling of various operating procedures in production.



December 19th, 2018 – Slovenia

Trainers from MAHLE and tutors from Šolski center Nova Gorica alongside with students debated on the harmonisation of project work

Students were presenting their ideas for the project Ray. Project ideas are not just interesting but functional and helpful for everyday life in the field of automation and digitalisation.

These students, from mechanical engineering and electrical engineering school programs, are presenting their idea of creating an electric bicycle, some of them decided to help the environment by creating a smart watering system for the garden to help save the water and so on.


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December 11th, 2018 – Slovenia

[Days of open doors 2018 at Intercompany Training Centre Mic ŠcNg]

Students from mechanical engineering, electrical and computer science schools were presented with several projects, among which is the project RAY and their future collaboration between students and company MAHLE.

Some students were sharing their experiences in practical work abroad and other student exchange programs.

December, 2018

{ Pilot activities within project RAY} – Finland –

Group of students, selected for pilot activities  from electrical engineering school, is planning further education with their teacher Harri Koivisto.

November 28th, 2018 – Finland

On the 28th of November Students from Sataedu attended working courses on safety regarding electricity.

Their next planned activities are educational meetings with students, that are chosen for the RAY-Student group, every Tuesday and Friday during the next 10 weeks.


November 22nd, 2018 – Slovenia

RRA Severne Primorske doo Nova Gorica organised an event for students at the EDA Center in Nova Gorica, where project RAY was presented to students of different vocational schools.

The event was made with the intention to help the students with directions of their further schooling and career path along with the presentation of European Projects which are being performed to ensure a better future and job opportunities in Goriška region.

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November 16th 2018 – Finland

Sataedu students visited the Company UTU Oy on Friday.



June, 2018

First working meeting with teachers tutors occurred on the 14th of June, where they were presented with the new model of work based learning.

May, 2018

Project ”RAY” hosted another series of workshops for students of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering school, who will be included in the new WBL model in the next school year, which will focus on interdisciplinary project work. The workshops were lead by, Head of Intercompany Training Centre, Adrijana Hodak. The new model envisages various forms of work-based learning, for example, professional excursions of students in companies and educational visits at the workplace (job shadowing).

Through WBL activities students build awareness of potential careers in a particular industry and are able to explore options and start preparing for the future.

May, 2018

Students, that participated in the January workshops, were invited to be presented with the results of the analysis of the questionnaire and the draft model, which was also made on the basis of their suggestions and comments.

 They liked how the model was set, especially the various possibilities offered by the model in terms of implementation of the practical work (WBL): project work, virtual campuses, job shadowing..

Students attending their practical work in a company, supervised and mentored by an in-company-trainer in Finland.

This is what Project RAY is all about! Gaining new practical experience during VET-Education process!